Substance Abuse and Related violence in Kenya is increasing at an alarming rate especially among the youths and young adults. Research shows that 60% of the youth got exposed to drug or substance abuse while in high schools. Recent statistics shows that at least 30% of the youth in substance abuse got to it in primary school at an early age of five years old. The increase of substance abuse is also attributed to contribute significantly to the direct increasing spread of violence and HIV/AIDS among the youth in Kenya.

The drugs commonly abused in Kenya especially among the youth includes; bang (Marijuana), Khat (Miraa), Alcohol (Cheap liquor known as Chang’aa/kumikumi), tobacco-cigarette smoking, inhalants, and glue sniffing among the increasing street children. Amazing statistics indicates that in every ten youth three become drug addicts. The effects of the increased substance abuse are seen in high school dropouts, strikes with destructive attitude to property, irresponsible living and lawlessness among the youth. The United Methodist Church in Kenya is now involved in the awareness campaign in substance abuse and related violence, especially in schools and through churches. The timely program is aimed at creating awareness to the youth and hence involves them to influence others to abate substantially the abuse of drugs.

The adverse effects of these drugs is felt in various ways like sexual immorality, rape, destructive strikes in schools, increased motor accidents on roads and general crime. Health cases are on the increase for instance there are more cancer cases in our hospitals and increase in the spread of HIV/AIDS mostly among the youth who are vulnerable.

This project targets the youth in upper primary and high school of ages 10 years to 18 years specifically within The United Methodist Church in Kenya. This age bracket of youth is at high risk due to peer pressure in schools and other environmental factors. Taking for instance the city

of Nairobi alone with a population of 4 million with 60 % of these being youth. 90% of this population lives in large slums of Kibera, Korogocho and Kariobangi; where there is cheap housing. The peer pressure is very high in these poverty stricken areas. The youth in such areas have their way of communication and use codes and signs that may not be easily understood by the general public. This form of communication enhances substance abuse and drug peddling & trafficking. As a result there is a lot of lawlessness among the youth, illicit behavior, early pregnancies, school dropouts, robberies, suicide and sexual defilements.


Research shows that most of the youth that find themselves involved in substance abuse did not know the dangers of drugs, when they got into it. They were either enticed to drug abuse for pleasure through peer pressure or were just ignorant about them. Therefore unless awareness campaign for prevention and prevention parameters is initially put in place, more and more youth will get trapped into drug addiction affecting the psychosocial and economic main stay of our entire generation.

This project aims at creating awareness of substance abuse especially targeting the youth in schools located within Kenya with a slogan “Youth Say No to Drugs Abuse & Violence”. The project will help young people understand the drug culture and the manifestation of drug abuse, and the consequences which include domestic violence.

To contribute to the reduction of substance abuse and related violence among the youth through advocacy programs by intensifying peer education intervention response. This project is about saving lives and freeing young persons from the bondage of drugs, alcohol and related violence.

Specific Objectives:
1. To promote primary prevention of substance abuse among the youth in our community.

2. To create deliberate awareness of substance abuse and their effects among the youth.

3. To promote behavior change using Biblical principles to reduce cases of substance abuses and rescue addicts using Biblical principles.

4. Mobilizing churches & schools to help heal the devastation addiction causes and to help the youth to overcome the powerful allure of alcohol and other drugs.

Organizing and conducting peer education activities Providing information and education on prevention and care of drug addicts. Formation of Youth Initiative Against Drugs clubs in churches and schools Initiating Debates, Music, poetry and soccer symposium and videos on drug abuse and their effects shown. Peer educators Leaders charged with the task of giving feedback to the implementation team on the progress of the project.

Prayer Needs The office of the Coordinator of the SPSARV to be fully established and sustained in Kenya to continue networking with district Peer Educators/Coordinators for the continuity of this program. Volunteer trainers for capacity building of Tots. Vehicle for Transport Training facilities such as one Projectors, 2 Laptops etc Construction of Wesley Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Kenya. Stipends for facilitators and volunteers

Thank you so much for your generous support and prayers.

By His grace

Coordinator of SPSARV IN KENYA
Mobile Phone: (+254)722522830
Email: franciskihara@yahoo

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